1. Al Holtje

    The Greatest Political Blunder of the 20th Century
    Saddam Hussein, the once mighty dictator is dead. The murderer responsible for more than one million graves must now face his final judgment at the hands of God. For decades, the world pandered to his fantasies, overlooking his brutality in return for political and monetary profit. As long as Saddam paid sufficient bribes and granted the right concessions to the well-connected, the world shut its eyes to his atrocities. Even his invasions of neighboring states failed to draw serious punishment. He never faced personal consequences until our troops reached Baghdad, a dozen years and countless more hundreds of thousands of innocent souls slaughtered.

    Future historians may very well conclude that our failure to bring Saddam Hussein to justice after the Gulf War in 1991 was:

    The greatest political blunder of the 20th century.

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