He had a good run but it’s coming to and end on January the 25th when the state of Texas will finally get around to his execution. His crime:

Mike McMahan and Sutton had been with friends at a Dallas club. On their way out, they were confronted at gunpoint by Chambers and Williams, who forced their way into their car. Williams drove to a levee on the Trinity River south of downtown Dallas where the captors pushed the couple down an embankment.

Chambers ordered them to stop near the bottom, then fired five shots at them. As Chambers and Williams walked back up the hill, McMahan called to Sutton to see if she was OK.

“Deia doesn’t respond,” Dan Hagood, the lead prosecutor at Chambers’ 1992 trial, recalled. “She wants him to be quiet. Mike says something louder. “That’s when the killers heard him.”

The gunmen returned.

Chambers pummeled McMahan in the back of the head 10 to 20 times with a shotgun as Williams choked Sutton and tried to drown her in the muddy water. Chambers also pounded her three times with the shotgun. Then they left.

Sutton would tell police she counted 15 times to 60 before moving, saw McMahan dead nearby, then managed to walk a half-mile to a hotel to summon police.

McMahan’s burned-out car was found in Calvert, nearly 150 miles to the south, after Williams had tried to sell it in Houston.

Chambers, according to testimony at his first trial, wiped blood from money stolen from the victims and divided it, then played a game of dominoes before going to sleep.

On the bright side he’ll be around long enough to get his Christmas card.

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