It’s old news really – but still entertaining:

John F. Kerry’s dead-last ranking in a poll of 2008 White House contenders has pundits saying he’s down for the count, but the beleaguered senator’s camp insists he’s still in the fight – and that’s no joke.

The Quinnipiac University popularity rankings – based on interviews with 1,600 voters – come as Kerry struggles to recover from his “botched” attempt at humor when he made a reference to soldiers serving in Iraq.

Kerry ranked 20th out of 20 politicians, lagging far behind a slew of Democrats expected to seek the party’s 2008 nomination.

Sure it’s early but Kerry didn’t have any traction before his troop slam and there’s absolutely no reason to expect a massive shift in public opinion.


  1. Tim Tyler

    Speaking as a generally curious, but disinterested (in blue or red) moderate radical, I’m not surprised by Kerry’s current standing.

    Like many on the American political scene these days, Kerry, said by some to have the ability to “take the air out of a room just by entering it,” doesn’t impress me.

    A lot of nasty things have been said and done, both against Kerry and on his behalf, and in the final analysis, he’s still John Kerry.

    Looks like I’m not the only one unimpressed.

  2. Lord Nazh

    John Kerry would come in last no matter who you put on that poll I think. He’s probably liked abit more than most common criminals, but that would be iffy.

    Kerry’s been dead since he started speaking in public. Until that point, he had a promising future :)

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