1. calgal

    I know Mark Binghams’s Mom and he went to UC Berkeley where I work. This video is such a wonderful tribute to his life cut short on United 93. God bless you Mark. You are missed. I hope you are playing rugby in Heaven causee you were a heck of a player down here.

    Go Bears!

  2. ttyler5


    I am at my website re-checking the 9/11 tribute links.

    Both your Chron link and your tribute here are now permanent parts of thetexastimes 2006 9/11 tribute which I am keeping as a main section actively listed on the main menu of the times.

    Thank you for doing this not just for Mark Bighma’s family but for all of us!

    here are the links to our tribute section , you are on the blog list with Michelle Malkin, RWS and others:





    (frequent SciGuy commenter at the Chron

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