John Hawkins presents his case:

One of the biggest selling points for Rudy Giuliani is supposed to be that he’s “electable” because a lot of independents and Democrats will vote for him. The problem with that sort of thinking is that if he becomes the Republican nominee, the very liberal mainstream media will spend nine months relentlessly savaging him in an effort to help the Democrats. Because of that, Giuliani’s sky high polling numbers with non-Republicans are 100% guaranteed to drop significantly before election time rolls around in 2008.

That is not necessarily a problem, after all the mainstream media is always against the Republican nominee, if — and this is a big “if” — the GOP nominee has strong support from the Republican base.

The big problem Rudy has is that he isn’t going to be able to generate that kind of support. For one thing, as a candidate, he offers almost nothing to social conservatives, without whom a victory for George Bush in 2004 wouldn’t have been possible. If the choice in 2008 comes down to a Democrat and a pro-abortion, soft on gay marriage, left-of-center candidate on social issues — like Rudy — you can be sure that millions of “moral values voters” will simply stay home and cost the GOP the election.


  1. WB

    Let’s hope that we aren’t so divided on the right and right center that we let the Dems have the White House and the Congress. This happened to us once before and we got eight years of Clinton, which led to six of more Clinton and likely two more of Clinton then perhaps 4- 8 more of Clinton. Do we really want that? If so, stay home in a snit and we’ll get just what we deserve! I plan on supporting the Republican nominee, no matter who it is, fundy right radical to RINO. NO MORE DEMS!

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  3. Daniel

    Its not just a matter of Republican’s staying home in November. If Rudy is gets the republican nomination many conservatives like myself will not vote for him in the general election and instead will support a third party nominee. There will be enough dissatified social conservatives to fuel a serious third party challenge. With oppossition from both the left and the right – Rudy Guiliani and the Republican party will lose. So, if the Republican party wants to be assured of losing the presidential election they have no better way of doing it than nominating Rudy Giuliani.

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