Monthly Archives: July 2006

Video: Breaking Your Leg to Avoid War

This was posted on YouTube 3 months ago. I’d think it would be relatively easy to match this guy up with Marine medical records if in fact he succeeded in injuring himself and avoiding service. The video has posted in a few locations one of which identifies him as a Marine. Nate Doe is the name used on Google Video and while Doe obviouslly isn’t his last name Nate might be his first.

It looks like a clear case of Self-injury without intent to avoid service (Article 134) to me. I won’t waste my time slamming this guy for an act of cowardice and stupidty. I’d rather see the Marines catch up to him.

Introducing Blogs of War – Offtopic

Blogs of War – Offtopic is a new page on the site, really a new blog, that’s going to serve as the container for posts unreleated to the war on terror and politics. That means you won’t have to wade through my tech ramblings to get the hardcore news you’re looking for. It will also feature a guest blogger or two with the first being Tim Edwards from Misunderestimation.

Offtopic will be eclectic and probably as goofy as Blogs of War is serious. It’s a Hezbollah free zone. I won’t waste more time explaining it. Just go take a look.