The IAF is scaling back for 48 hours. Will Hezbollah? Not likely:

Rocket attacks launched by Hizbullah terrorists from southern Lebanon continued on Monday despite Israel’s agreement to honor a 48-hour moratorium on IAF air strikes on terror targets.

The northern border town of Kiryat Shmona was again struck by rocket fire Monday. The rockets fell in open areas near the town, causing no injuries or damage.

I was following the Qana affair closely yesterday but several ongoing projects kept me tied up. Blogs of War will be operating at 150% by the afternoon though.


  1. christopher

    When IAF attacks in Qana, its regarded as a tragedy and mistake by Israel. Same old mantra of collateral damage used and abused by Americans (in Iraq & Afghanistan) and Isarael.

    If Iran and Syria supports Hezbollah militarily, its not allowed. HOwever US can ship ‘deadly weapons’ via England to Israel; afterall its part of long term military aid & assistance.

    Not to mention that israel might have used chemical weapons over civilians; however no comments on that as it is yet to be confirmed…

    Is this world witnessing barbarism at its worst..or may be worst is yet to come!

  2. Novan Leon

    Since when is self-defense barbarism? What has Israel done to incite this violence, oh wait… it exists, and that’s enough for some people *cough* Kofi *cough*.

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  4. christopher

    SELF DEFENCE ..we’ve heard this thing earlier too..

    US attacked iraq as she thought iraqis possess WMD, but not a single WMD discovered till date. US soldiers also though they were acting in self defence…not to mention they were fooling themselves coz there was NO WMD Threat! Pity on the soldiers who wasted their precious lives for the sake of deceit & lie of their rulers. Why do we tend to forget things so easily?

    Now israel forces are doing the same. On a killing spree first in Gaza and then in Lebanon……and this has been going for so many years. You cant term that self-defence…my friend.

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