chroniclesofwar Introducing Chronicles of War

I finally got my face in the hometown paper. Well, its web site at least. I didn’t even have to embezzle city funds, lead cops on a three hour chase, or plow my SUV into METRO’s light rail. My family should be proud.

Thanks to an invitation from blog/media/tech guru Dwight Silverman, I’ll also be blogging the war at the Houston Chronicle. Chronicles of War will cover the same topics you see here at Blogs of War but with a little more depth.

I’m excited about the prospect of getting these topics, and my take on them, in front of a new audience. I’ll keep you guys (and gals) in the loop on developments at Chronicles of War but I hope that you’ll check it out, link it, and participate in the discussion.


  1. SinCerely

    Congrats on the “promotion.” Linked to you from REAL WORLD VIEW blog. Keep up the good work. Have you booked as a regular. I only hope your honesty follows you into your new endeavor.

    Best of luck.


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