This effort is an attempt to craft an official Lebanese position. Israel isn’t directly involved at this point:

The plan also calls for the return of displaced Lebanese to their homes, negotiations between Israel and Lebanon concerning the disputed Shebaa farms now under Israeli control, the disclosure of maps showing Israeli minefields near the Lebanese border, the deployment and strengthening of the Lebanese army and the expansion of the U.N. force in the south.

While Hezbollah agreed to a cease-fire with Israel and an increased international presence in southern Lebanon, the group objected to “a robust force” of international peacekeepers in the region, the sources said.

Hezbollah did not specifically agree to disarm, as Israel has demanded, the sources said. The plan does, however, call for the Lebanese military to take control of southern Lebanon, along with the U.N. force, which implies that the Hezbollah militia would not operate there.

Hezbollah is already upset about the prospect of a multi-national force in Lebanon. Once an agreement like this goes through Hezbollah will regroup and start killing peacekeepers. It’s inevitable.


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  3. chris

    I appreciate I am over exposed to western media, but my understanding is that Israel is pulling back from occupied territories, and behaving rather better than it has been in the passed. Can someone tell me why hesbollah choose this time to start this nonsense. I do generally find myself on the side of the Muslims, and I take everything I read in the newspapers with a pinch of salt, but wouldn’t the world be a better place without hesbollah, or am I just naive

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