There reports aren’t exactly accurate. He’s not hiding folks. He works there:

Intelligence reports indicate the leader of Hezbollah is hiding in a foreign mission in Beirut, possibly the Iranian Embassy, according to U.S. and Israeli officials.

Israeli military and intelligence forces are continuing to hunt for Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s secretary-general, who fled his headquarters in Beirut shortly before Israeli jets bombed the building last week.

“We think he is in an embassy,” said one U.S. official with access to the intelligence reports, while Israeli intelligence speculates Sheik Nasrallah is hiding in the Iranian Embassy.

If confirmed, the reports could lead to an Israeli air strike on the embassy, possibly leading to a widening of the conflict, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Foreign embassies are sovereign territory and an attack on an embassy could be considered an act of war.


  1. Herschel Smith


    I have not seen any calls for a targeted assassination of Narsrallah. Over at the Captain’s Journal, let me be the first. I post a link to a good Asia Times article about Nasrallah’s influence and presence in Iraq. Yes, Iraq, via his Hezbollah fighers, some of which have been captured there. The action that most closely comports with the protection of Americans is the targeted assassination of Nasrallah. I officially call for it. He has to go.

  2. AK

    You offcially call for it? Come on, when are you people gonna realize that killing heads-of-state and leaders of terrorist organizations does not work in this conflict? What do you think is gonna happen after he get’s killed? You think Hezbollah fighters will drop their weapons and surrender? Just take a look at history.

    I really wonder when somebody smart is going to take the stage and say “You know, our strategery of killing as many terrorists as possible is not working. Maybe we misunderestimated them? Maybe we should try to solve the root of the problem that is causing all the prolemers?”

  3. kaq

    How could you consider yourselves human by turning a blind eye at what the Isreali military is doing to Lebanon? Regardless of your beliefs or your ethnicity, doesn’t the sight of tens of children being pulled from under the rebels in Qana move something in your stone hearts? Don’t you feel that this madness ought to stop? I guess you are too blinded by hatred to see!!

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