Monthly Archives: June 2006

Mubark Demands that Assad Deport Hamas Leadership

Sooner or later the militant Palestinians will have to realize that they can’t go head to head with an increasingly unrestrained Israeli military:

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak demanded from his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad to deport the Syrian-based Hamas leadership unless it agrees to release kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit, Palestinian sources said on Friday.

The demand was made in the context of a compromise that Egypt was attempting to draft between the Israel and Hamas, whose Damascus leader, Khaled Mashaal was demanding that thousands of Palestinian detainees, held in Israeli prisons, be released. Mubarak warned Mashaal that his position was leading the Palestinians to disaster, Israel Radio reported.

Sadly the Palestinians were led to disaster decades ago and have only themselves to blame for chosing hatred, over peace and prosperity, at every opportunity.

Eqypt: Hamas Offers Conditional Release of Corporal Gilad Shalit

The offer was unconfirmed for a while:

In an interview with Egypt’s leading pro-government newspaper, Al-Ahram, Mubarak said “Egyptian contacts with several Hamas leaders resulted in preliminary, positive results in the shape of a conditional agreement to hand over the Israeli soldier as soon as possible to avoid an escalation. “But agreement on this has not yet been reached with the Israeli side,” Mubarak said.

But now it appears that Israel has rejected the offer:

However, the terms set by the group were rejected by Israel. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek told the al-Ahram interviewer he warned the terrorist kidnappers to change their “extreme positions” in order to bring the crisis to a close.

I know I will sound callous but Israel did the right thing. They should refuse additional conditional offers as well. Instead, they should keep kicking ass until the terrorists break. And if they don’t break, and Gilad is murdered, destroy Hamas and any other terrorist operatives that can be located. Give them the war they want but can’t hope to win.