I was going to post this video on Memorial Day but ran others instead. Today seems like a good day to post it.

The funeral of Bobby Warns was recorded in its entirety as a keepsake for his unborn baby. The day after the funeral, this short highlight-video was placed on-line to share with family members who were overseas or otherwise unable to attend the service. The web address was also given to the Marines to pass on to Bobby’s friends in Iraq.



  1. Karen Trevett

    I often ask myself who we are fighting in Iraq. In every instance I say, “We are fighting evil”. I never let myself forget this fact. The gruesome photos of explosions, the disappointments reported on a continuous basis by the news media never change the fact. We are fighting evil; no less, no more.

    Those who claim otherwise are intellectually dishonest and naive. No argument regardless of logic or clever persuasion could ever change a mind that refuses to believe evil exists. On most days, I have to remind myself to save my energy for what is important.

    I would like to tell all the brave souls in Iraq to carry on, proceed with a sense of calm, and let your courage and principles lead the way. Every tear you cry for the loss of a fellow soldier and every heart that skips a beat out of fear when evil is confronted will never be in vain. We hear your pain and feel your fear. We honor your courage and pray that everyday will bring you the strength and perseverance you need to continue on with the important task bestowed upon you.

    Carry on with a sense of peace and purpose. History remembers the brave and forgets the weak.

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