An influential blog since 2002 Blogs of War has a global and loyal following of government, military, and media readers.

“Blogs of War” and other sites sometimes beat traditional sources with the latest war news.

“The epicenter of warblogging”
- Internet & Social Change

The site is actually 4 blogs in one with each ad buy running across all four!

Blogs of War – Political and military posts

Blogs of War GovWatch – Real-time news feeds from multiple government sources

Blogs of War Gallery – A huge repository of photoshopped political photographs and other images

Blogs of War Offtopic – Anything goes – culture, entertainment, celebrities, tech, music, video..anything.

Blogs of War is a member of the Conservative Blog Advertising Newtwork:

If you’re looking for an affluent, conservative, politically active audience that spends money online, this is the network you want to buy from. Roughly 71% of the audience of these blogs made $60,000 or more and a large percentage of them spent some of that money online. In the last 6 months: — 33% of this audience contributed to a cause/campaign online
– 35% bought books online
– 37% bought software online
– 40% bought plane tickets online
– 43% bought music online
– 46% bought consumer electronics online
– 46% bought a subscription to a publication online
– 50% bought computers or computer accessories online Furthermore, in the last year: — 24.5 of the network’s readers worked for a political party
– 30.9% attended a political rally, speech, or organized protest of any kind
– 67.1% wrote or called a politician at the state, local, or national level
– 68.3% signed a petition So if you’re looking to target a conservative audience, this is the perfect place to spend your advertising dollars.

Blogads run at the top of the site’s sidebar. The Premium slot is limited to 1 ad which always remains at the top. Pricing and ordering information is available here. Regular ads run just beneath the premium slot and are displayed in the order that they are recieved. Pricing and ordering information for regular ads is available here.

Your support is appreciated. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about blogads or wish to inquire about customized alternatives.

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