Monthly Archives: September 2005

The Big Day

I’m up and checking storm tracks. I wish I’d had a few more hours of sleep but can’t complain. The next few days could be lean though. It’s looking like some of the more reliable models are pushing the storm back towards a Galveston landfall. One or two even show the storm performing a giant loop over the Houston area. That means flooding. Lots and lots of flooding. Super Allison is the phrase being tossed about. Of course if we get a direct hit on Galveston and a storm that stalls we’re in serious trouble. We drain quickly here and we’ll manage but the damage will be severe.

The Bangkok Post linked in to Blogs of War yesterday. They have a site that uses current events to assist “learners of English, their teachers and even their parents.” It’s a really cool project but if they keep reading Blogs of War over the next 24 hours they may learn some very interesting words. I apologize in advance.

Rising Water

The water is rising on the coast and high tide is an hour away. The water level may only be 2-3 feet higher than normal but we’re starting to face conditions that will continue to deteriorate for quite some time. By mid-afternoon it should start getting nasty.

I’ll be out early taking photos of downtown. I hope that the “after” photos I take Saturday aren’t too dramatic.