Daily Archives: September 23, 2005

Getting Worse

It’s getting worse in downtown. We’re getting some very strong gusts but we’re still not into damaging levels. I’m guessing 50mph maybe a little bit stronger. We’ll probably see stronger winds over the next few hours. Rain is constant but light. Definitely not flood producing at this point.

I think I’ll lose power soon though. My lights just flickered.

Radar doesn’t look bad for downtown Houston. It might be a pretty easy night. We’ll see.

Buildings Burning Near Glaveston’s Strand

KHOU is reporting that multiple structures near the strand in Galveston are fully engulfed. Firefighters are on the scene and Rita is applying water as well. The reporter on the scene says the fires are about 2 blocks from the large white skyscraper near the strand.

Update 10:57pm CST:
The Eagle Lodge was the largest structure burning and KHOU is playing some pretty dramatic video showing flames shooting from the building and huge gusts of wind shooting thousands of burning embers into surrounding buildings.