Monthly Archives: March 2003

The War: Hour 7

2:14am CST
I thought I would take a shower and catch a couple hours of sleep. 15 minutes later I’m soaking wet and all hell is breaking loose. U.S. troops at Camp Commando have been ordered into their chemical weapons gear. Artillery fire continues on the Iraq-Kuwait border.

2:29am CST
Added Jeremy Fox and John Mengel to the Blogs of War Wall of Honor. Thanks for your generous contribution guys!

2:32am CST
Fox News has three sources claiming that 2 Iraqi missiles have been shot down at the Kuwait-Iraq border.

The War: Hour 6

1:00am CST
China calls for immediate end to war. Yawn.

1:16am CST

Shortly before 4 p.m. yesterday, Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet offered President Bush the prospect — improbable to the point of fantasy, yet suddenly at hand — that the war against Iraq might be transformed with its opening shots. The CIA, Tenet said, believed it had a fix on President Saddam Hussein.

- Washington Post

There is still hope that we got Saddam. The “live” Saddam speech broadcast shortly after the attack is suspected of being taped and some Saddam watchers even doubt that the man in the broadcast is the real Saddam.

1:21am CST
I admit it. I haven’t surfed the cable news stations since Fox worked Laurie Dhue into the rotation. CNN could have live video of Gen. Tommy Franks personally bitch slapping Saddam and I wouldn’t flip.

1:43am CST
The media keeps trying to make something out of the fact that the U.S. movement against “targets of opportunity” earlier was not a joint operation with the UK forces. This fact means absolutely nothing but they appear to be looking for anything to generate a rift in the coalition forces.

1:47am CST
Artillery fire is still being reported at Iraq-Kuwait border. – Fox News broadcast

The War: Hour 5

12:01pm CST
Strikes have hit other targets to “soften tha battlefield” including a large refueling facility (Post 160) on the Iraq-Jordan border which was apparently “obliterated”. – Fox News broadcast

12:06am CST
Fox says Al-Jazeera is reporting that there were coalition attacks on the city of Mosul near Turkish border. Saddam possibly in the city.

12:09am CST
Iraqi generals are on Al-Jezeera acting tough and sounding completely insane.

12:31am CST
Rita Cosby of Fox is saying that her sources in the intelligence community are saying that U.S. Intel has had success in tracking Saddam, his two sons, and two other senior leaders, for some time. They discovered that Saddam was going to spend the night in a specific bunker and that is when they launched the strike. – Fox News broadcast

12:50am CST
11th infantry and 5th Mechanical Division of Iraqi Military may be preparing to surrender. That would equal two-thirds of the Iraqi troops in Southern Iraq. Fox is attempting to confirm.