11:36pm CST
This war is unfolding in a truly historic and unprecedented manner.

11:34pm CST
The Coalition of the Willing is large and growing. View the list here.

11:29pm CST
Black smoke floating over Kuwait City from burning oil fields in Southern Iraq. Live footage on Sky News broadcast

11:27pm CST
Latest CH-46 crash casualty numbers are 12 Brit commandos and 4 member U.S. crew lost.

11:14pm CST
Amazing surrender numbers confirmed. British military official says 20% of Iraqi Republican Guard has surrendered or will soon – Fox News broadcast

11:01pm CST
7th Cav. charging north at 30-40mph. Only minimal opposition met. – CNN broadcast

10:53pm CST
Live video of Iraqi troops at edge of Kurdish territory on CNN broadcast.

10:39pm CST

U.S. intelligence officials believe Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, possibly accompanied by one or both of his powerful sons, was still inside a compound in southern Baghdad early yesterday when it was struck by a barrage of U.S. bombs and cruise missiles.

- Washington Post

10:36pm CST
Duane Apling writes that “CNN is showing the advance of three troops of the 7th Cavalry unit out ahead of the 3rd ID. I’m guessing they are 10-20 miles further into Iraq. Their guy’s lens is clean.”

10:14pm CST
Iraqi troops still hold Umm Qasr but coalition forces will take control shortly. – Sky News broadcast

10:10pm CST
The Fox News broadcast footage of the rush to Baghdad is amazing but it would be so much better if they would occasionally clean the lens.

10:09pm CST
Added Christopher Blosser to the Blogs of War Wall of Honor. Thanks Chris.

9:55pm CST
Blackhawk down? Kerry Sanders is reporting live and siad that a Blackhawk heli is reported down but he can’t confirm. – MSNBC broadcast

9:19pm CST
Day of the Warblogs.

9:12pm CST
Live footage of U.S. tanks and troops hauling serious ass through the desert towards Baghdad on Fox News broadcast.

8:55pm CST
Sad news turns worse. 12 Americans and 4 Brits feared dead in chopper crash. – Sky News broadcast

8:51pm CST
Slight format change. I will now create and update a single post for each day. Most recent events will be “above the fold” or at the top of the page for those of you unfamiliar with print lingo.

8:44pm CST
Crews searching for downed U.S. Marine CH-46 helicopter. 8 Brits and 4 Americans feared lost due to mechanical failure. – Fox News broadcast

8:42pm CST
“The march to Baghdad has begun.” Troops on the ground in the “North, South, and the West” – Breaking on Fox News broadcast

8:36pm CST
Rick Leventhal is reporting live on Fox. This guy has been been with the Marines 3rd LAR and they’ve been pounding the Iraqis with artillery all day. – Fox News broadcast

8:25pm CST
Sad news developing. U.S. Marine helicopter down in Kuwait. All aboard feared lost. Mechanical problems suspected. – Fox News broadcast.

8:11pm CST
Iraqi command and control is in jeopardy. A large percentage of the Iraqi military is expressing an interest in surrender – Fox News broadcast

8:09pm CST
The Washington Post has more information on the Al-Qaeda suspect wanted by the FBI.

8:02pm CST
30 fireballs seen in direction of Basra – Sky News broadcast

8:01pm CST
Donald Rumsfeld is telling reporters that there is still hope of regime change without the full force of war being applied – Fox News broadcast

8:00pm CST
A reader has posted a link to some of the antiwar rhetoric found on the net. This is particularly disturbing:

People everywhere must attack US troops with words and disgust. Spray paint or use blood and write USA Troops=War Criminal Scum, Death to USA Imperialist Armed Forces One and ALL!Everyone in the USA whop is not fighting against the USA are criminal scum who desreve death too. Prepare…

- Chicago Indymedia

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