5:15pm CST
I had to take short break but updates are resuming.

5:16pm CST
Added Michael McCauley, Valerie Deeb, and Constance Strell to the Blogs of War Wall of Honor. Thank you!

5:22pm CST
Air raid sirens in Kuwait City again. Fox News reporter in gas mask again. Less than 24 hours into the war and it has almost become routine for everyone involved. – Fox News broadcast

5:36pm CST
Iraqi pilots are being forced to fly suicide missions. Interesting exchange between the talking heads on Sky with one saying that we can’t discount the Iraqi air force and the subject matter expert saying in effect “yes we can”. – Sky News

5:46pm CST
Check out this site for nice photographs of the conflict – Mark Holland

5:54pm CST
MSNBC has mentioned Blogs of War in a feature called Blogging the War. Welcome MSNBC viewers/readers.

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