1:00pm CST
President Bush will be briefing his full cabinet in about 15 minutes. The event will be televised. – Fox News broadcast

1:02pm CST
“Indications that the Iraqi military is breaking from within” – Fox News broadcast

1:04pm CST
FA-18 Jets launching from the U.S.S. Constellation – Sky News broadcast

1:07pm CST
Cruise missles launched against republican guard – AP

1:11pm CST
Multiple reports of Iraqi’s surrendering – Fox News broadcast

1:16pm CST
Sirens in Baghdad again.

1:18pm CST
First town in Iraq (Umm Qasr) has been taken, Tony Blair to address UK at 4pm CST – Fox News broadcast

1:20pm CST
British Harrier Jumpjets have been hunting and killing scuds – Sky News broadcast

1:26pm CST
Added Paul Robichaux and Joy Shepherd to the Blogs of War Wall of Honor. Thank you both.

1:29pm CST
Saddam family home targeted and hit. All clear sirens in Baghdad – Fox News broadcast

1:40pm CST
U.S. and UK firing artillery rockets in Iraq – Sky News broadcast

1:44pm CST
U.S. and Kurdish troops (up to 100,000 strong) uniting for operations in Northern Iraq – Fox News broadcast

1:51pm CST
Good news:

Two pilots in the Illinois Air National Guard should be spared from courts-martial for a fatal friendly-fire bombing in Afghanistan, an Air Force hearing officer says.

- STLtoday.com

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