11:05am CST
Live footage of the ground action in Southern Iraq on Fox News (and Sky News) broadcast now.

11:16am CST
Rick Leventhal is live on Fox News. Reporting that incoming artillery is landing “very close” to his position. – Fox News broadcast

11:20am CST
MSNBC features live nightvision video of downtown Baghdad on their video page.

11:25am CST
White House briefing in 5 minutes.

11:30am CST

Two-thirds of Iraq’s conscript army are ready to surrender without a fight, according to US military sources in Kuwait.

Two army divisions totaling 20,000 troops based in the south of Iraq are set to give themselves up to Allied forces in nearby Kuwait, the sources told Sky News reporter Colin Brazier.

- Sky News Online

11:31am CST
Fox News broadcast is reporting large explosions around Basra. Sky News is reporting “over 100 shells fired across the border”.

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