9:00am CST
The antiwar protesters are frothing at the mouth about the war. Their plans? Disrupt capitalism of course.

9:08am CST
Added James Wood and George Gill to the Blogs of War Wall of Honor. Thank you James and thank you for the very generous contribution George.

9:11am CST
Donald Rumsfeld expected to announce “broad rules of engagement” in the the war zone and that special forces troops are hunting down surface-to-surface missiles. – Fox News broadcast

9:12am CST
The “Coalition of the Willing” is growing and the White House may have updates soon. – Fox News broadcast

9:18am CST
Iraqi’s are lighting up some of the Southern oil fields. – Fox News broadcast

9:20am CST
Kuwait City’s air raid sirens are blaring. Missiles may be incoming. – Sky News broadcast

9:24am CST
One of the Fox News embedded reporters is hinting at significant coalition airstrikes in Southern Iraq soon.

9:32am CST
All clear sounds in Kuwait City.

9:38am CST
Pentagon confirming 2 oil well fires in Southern Iraq. – Fox News broadcast

9:40am CST
U.S. Troops told to be “Combat Ready” within the next 50 minutes. Rules of engagement broadened and forces can engage at will. – Sky News broadcast.

9:45am CST
Rick Leventhal is embedded with U.S. Marines 3rd LAR in Northern Kuwait and he is reporting that they are hammering away at Iraqi positions on the horizon. No video but he had a short but dramatic audio report with artillery fire and screaming soldiers in the background – Fox News broadcast

9:49am CST
Rick Leventhal is confirming via another audio report that airstrikes are underway in Southern Iraq. More dramatic reports filled with the sounds of explosions in the distance and helicopters overhead. Sounds like quite an event. – Fox news broadcast

9:54am CST
A Pentagon briefing will begin soon. You can watch it on the web via MSNBC. Click here for their video feed options.

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