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Marxist-Leninist Psycho-Rhythm

I couldn’t help thinking of Chris Baker, one of our local A.M. radio talkshow hosts, when I saw this. Chris is always ranting about the anti-war crowd being full of Marxists. Well, heres some evidence (as if ANSWER isn’t enough) from Houston IndyMedia to support that argument:

The LoneStar Radical Marching Band is calling for a music-drum-noizemaking bloc to join the F15 [Feburary 15th - J.L.] anti-war march. Bring your real and make-shift insturments. We will be there around 1230.

Black Bloc Ballet!!!! Marxist-Leninist Psycho-Rhythm!!!

Anarcho-Punk Folk Drum Circle and March!!!!



The Montrose Art and Resistance Collective is calling for a critical mass of drummers, musicians, noise-makers marchers and puppetistas to join the Febuary 15th anti-war march. The collective will begin assembling @ Tranquility Park @ 12:30 pm for the 1:30 pm march against war in Iraq and repression @ home. We will begin with a drum circle @ Tranquility Park, then we will continue with a raucous spirited walk through downtown Houston to Eleanor Tinsley Park.

All particpants are encouraged to bring real instruments, make-shift instruments, costumes, puppets and props. The LoneStar Radial Marching Band will contribute rhythm, dance, music and noise-making to this march. The louder the better. The more the merrier.

Furthermore, as we are a financially lean and mean collective and essentially live off the land in our activities we also are having a make-shift/real instrument drive and need all the help possible. If you have old pails and buckets or insturments and noize-makers no longer being used, please contact us and we will be glad to take your music making donations.

We also plan to have another organizing meeting on February 9th. Please contact us if interested.

Blissfully yours, the Montrose Arts and Revolution Collective.

PsyOps Intensify in Iraq

commandosolo312 PsyOps Intensify in Iraq

Sounds like the men of the 193rd are pretty busy:

Also Wednesday, U.S. airplanes dropped another half million leaflets over southern Iraq in its escalating psychological warfare ahead of the threatened war to overthrow the Iraqi president.

Leaflets with five messages were dropped over a number of locations outside the capital, Baghdad, and near the southern city of Basra, according to a statement from U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Fla.

One version told of radio frequencies where Iraqis can tune in to anti-Saddam U.S. broadcasts. A second showed allied warplanes bombing Iraqi tanks outside a mosque, warning civilians to “avoid areas occupied by military personnel.” Others warned the Iraqi military against shooting at U.S. and British planes that have been enforcing the decade-old “no-fly zone.”

Via Fox News.

Beaker’s War

Poor Beaker is catching some serious flak over his Madonna post.

On a day with so many scary developments this makes for some funny light reading.

Beaker is not backing down:

her knee-jerk, anti-war reaction is at best laughable and predictable. If she is supporting our leaving Saddam in power because she thinks it is better for the people of Iraq, (and our own national security) then she is ignorant. If she just needs the controversy to sell CDs, then she borders on evil.

Update II:
The folks over at have their pointy bras in a wad over me, Beaker’s Corner and Amish Tech Support.