On Saturday, January 18th at approximately 4pm the Radical Youth Brigade launched the first in a series of preemptive strikes directly against military recruiting in the Portland area. The windows of the U.S. Military recruiting office at NE 13th and Broadway were shattered and graffiti nearby proudly proclaimed that there will be “NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR.”

The Brigade launched this offensive in direct response to the unrestrained militarism of the Bush administration, a rogue dictatorship in possession of weapons of mass destruction. This action was taken in solidarity with the worldwide protest against the impending war on Iraq. Although war has not been declared, racist military recruitment and the “poverty draft” amount to war on the youth of our communities.

Until these acts of war cease, our response will escalate. The Radical Youth Brigade calls on all of our brothers and sisters to join us in resisting the Bush dictatorship by any and all means necessary!

U.S. Military OUT of Portland Schools!
Stop the LIES and COERCION!
No War but the Class War!

Indymedia’s Class War

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