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The State of al-Qaeda

Tom Daschle must be ignoring his intelligence briefings. Terrorists are getting rounded up and blown to smithereens worldwide, Afghanistan has been liberated, and President Bush has put more pressure on terrorist operations worldwide than any leader in history.

Yet Daschle whines on.

The left can preach defeat all they want. The American people know that this war is bigger than one man. We aren’t naive enough to think that killing or capturing Bin Laden alone is enough to make a difference. This tactic is yet another example of the left’s complete lack of vision and integrity. Two traits personified on the conservative side by President Bush.

Hamza al-Qatari
Mohammed Atef, military commander (Egyptian)
Mohammad Salah (Egyptian)
Tariq Anwar al-Sayyid Ahmad (Egyptian)
Abu Hafs the Mauritanian (Mauritanian)
Abu Jafar al-Jaziri
Abu Salah al-Yemeni

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, Persian Gulf operations chief (Saudi)
Abu Zubaydah (Palestinian-Saudi)
Ahmad Omar Abdel-Rahman (Egyptian)
Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi
Abdul Rahim Riyadh
Ibn Al-Shaykh al-Libi (Libyan)

In Hiding:
Abu Musab Zarqawi (Jordanian): fled to Iran from Afghanistan

Osama bin Laden (Saudi-Yemeni)
Ayman al-Zawahri, second-in-command (Egyptian)
Abu Zubair al-Haili
Tawfiq Attash Khallad (Yemeni)
Zaid Khayr
Saif al-Adil (Egyptian)
Amin al-Haq (Afghan)
Abu Basir al-Yemeni (Yemeni)
Abd al-Aziz al-Jamal
Bilal bin Marwan (Saudi)
Saqar al-Jadawi (Yemeni-Saudi)
Mohammad Omar Abdel-Rahman (Egyptian)
Abu Mohammad al-Masri, aka Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah (Egyptian)
Sulaiman Abu Ghaith (Kuwaiti)
Midhat Mursi (Egyptian)
Ahmad Said al-Kadr (Egyptian-Canadian)
Shaikh Saiid, aka Mustafa Ahmed al-Hisawi (Saudi)

Bawling for Column Whine

That title was too cool not to steal. Its from Wired Magazine’s story that is exposing what Rachel Lucas, Blogs of War, and others have been talking about for quite some time.

“Taking a lesson from Moore himself, bloggers dug up cached copies of the page and posted both text and screenshots to their journals. Others pasted it into Moore’s own message board. “Hey — anyone can be wrong; there’s no shame in that — and to be brave means taking the risk of being wrong — but also to face up to it,” one poster wrote. Conservative political writers, often at loggerheads with Moore’s progressive screeds, had a field day linking to what they called proof of Moore’s hypocrisy.”

Yes. Yes we did.

And to think that just yesterday I wrote:

There’s a new Democrat boogeyman looming on the horizon. One I predict they will be talking about within a year. The conservative Blogosphere. We’re gaining more traction in the “real” media daily. We’re exposing the deep-rooted anti-Americanism prevalent in so many of their coalitions. We’re finding the tripe they publish online for the faithful and exposing it to a shocked America.

If they think Rush Limbaugh is a pain in the ass its just because they aren’t yet familiar with Rachel, John, Michele, Charles, Lee, Jay, and countless others.

The fun is just starting for Michael Moore and his friends on the left.

An Old Dilemma

Someone just sent me a link to a geocities site that has some very graphic pictures of victims from the World Trade Center attack. The author of the site intends for it to serve as a reminder of what happened that day.

On one hand I’m tempted to publish this link or the photos for the same reason. The apologists for terrorism in this country should see what they’re supporting. However, I really don’t want something like that popping up on the screen of a family member or friend of one of these victims.

I don’t think I’m going to publish this stuff. It won’t change the minds of the morons and it would be pretty difficult viewing for the rest of you.