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The Fisking of Joe Zarro

If a Democrat was president right now, Joe Fuktardo, you wouldn’t be saying this. In fact, BJ Clinton used the military more than any other US President in history. Do you think he was rewarding all those Republican supporters that work in the defense industry? Where was it in the interest in our country’s wealth to go to Somalia on a humanitarian mission? Bosnia? Kosovo? Did we actually benefit economically from attacking Afghanistan? I remember all you tin hat pundits screaming “it’s all about the oil!” Trans-afghan pipeline! blah blah” but not one US company benefited from oil or gas in Afghanistan. Idiot. – Wesley Dabney’s fisking of Joe Zarro.

I’m not sure if I want to waste my time on Joe. Wesley is right when he says that every freaking sentence this guy writes is fiskable. Fisking this moron would be the intellectual equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel.

But sometimes shooting metaphorical fish in a barrel is fun. Especially when the fish in question is responsible for drivel like this:

Liberal radicalism, however, is not limited to the Stanford campus. In a Nov. 12 opinion piece in the newspaper of record at San Diego State University, opinion editor Joe Zarro decried students who had squirreled away copies of the Aztec following the publication of a cartoon that protestors claimed was “racist.” But the piece soon devolved into a rant against patriotism and national pride.

Proclaiming that the “worst form of racism … believes one culture is superior,” Zarro lists what he sees as racist acts.

“It’s that small American flag in the corner of a car window, it’s the rhetoric politicians spout off daily and it’s the open attitude of a disturbing amount of Americans. It is the belief that this is the greatest country in the history of man,” the English major writes.

Zarro does not contend that Americans hate Muslims. Instead, he says, they don’t understand Islam, but “because we are arrogant, prideful and patriotic, we believe we can fix the region.”

And why are Americans so arrogant? According to Zarro, it is a result of “forced” recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and misrepresentative history books. Although he initially criticized the infringement of freedom of speech (one of those oppressive rights enjoyed by racist Americans), in the end Zarro does not blame those who took the newspapers from their stands. “After all, we are constantly lied to — we are told racism is hate when it is actually pride,” he concluded. Well, that clears it all up doesn’t it?

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Somebody Has Some Explaining to Do

rachelandmike Somebody Has Some Explaining to Do


I stumbled across this image while doing some research in Dallas, Texas. I’m starting to think that Rachel’s dislike for Michael Moore has it’s roots in something far deeper than their obvious political differences.

Could it be that there’s more at work here than her dislike for Moore’s evasion, his cowardice when faced with his own stupidity, or his apparent inability to tell the truth? You know what they say about the fine line between love and hate, a woman scorned, and all that stuff.

Blogs of War will keep you updated on this developing story.

You Go Girl

Andrea Harris has a nice take on feminists and their lack of a constructive response to the current situation in the Mid-East.

“This was going to be headlined “Feminists? Are you listening?” Then I remembered that feminists are currently worried about whether or not women golfers will be allowed to join some tournament somewhere.”