Sam at LibertyThink doesn’t want you to buy the IDF Pizzas.

Nothing better to pre-empt the murder of a half a million people than a piping hot meat-lovers, a Cola-Cola, and a dradle. I love fighting for another foreign nation. It makes American blood that much more worthless in the eyes of the instigators.

Sam, you can stop banging your tin-foil wrapped noggin against the wall in despair. There is an alternative. You can send burgers and cokes to the IDF instead!

Kudos to the people at PizzaIDF for developing an alternative for the folks out there who, like Sam, are deeply opposed to the whole idea of sending pizza to the IDF.

Bloggers who support Israel can contribute to a group fund that will let the IDF know that they have supporters on the web. Michele over at A Small Victory has collected close to $300 from the conservative Blogosphere in her attempt to put a slice of pizza in the hands of every IDF soldier. Swing over and give her a couple bucks. It really is the least you can do.

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