Pressure continues to build in Iran. Public protests are increasing and if you read between the lines of recent IRNA articles you can tell that the militant Islamic governement is scared:

Tehran, Nov 12, IRNA — Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Monday protecting Iran’s Islamic system is the most important obligation of the officials at the three branches of the government.

Blogs of War Translation: Hey guys, please don’t listen to the kids in the street. Revolution is never the answer. The fact that my title is Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution is irrelevant. Seriously, everyone just chill.

He said the Iranian people have left behind tough times and they have successfully undergone examinations.

Blogs of War Translation: We feel your pain. Hell, we’re the source of it. But the brutal oppression of the Iranian people is behind us. Really! No hard feelings.

A harsh tug-of-war among officials are not in the interests of Iranian Islamic system, he said adding that the enemies of Islam are after taking advantage of the gaps to deal blow on Islamic Iran.

Blogs of War Translation: Holy crap some of our own government officials are involved in this? Here we are chugging along, everyone is happily observing the tenants of a immensely brutal perversion of Islam, and enemies of the state have to come along and try and fuxor everything. The 351 Iranians left that support us can take comfort in the fact that the people in the streets are being manipulated by Amerika.

The Leader’s comments come as a court in Hamedan sentenced university professor Hashem Aghajari to death for allegedly insulting Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Blogs of War Translation: See! Enemies everywhere. We aren’t pissed because he had the gonads to question our authority. Nope, this is all about Mohammad.

The local court has further sentenced Aghajari to exile in desert cities of Tabas, Zabol and Gonabad and banned him from teaching for 10 years.

Blogs of War Translation: O.K., we know this doesn’t make any sense. How can you execute and exile someone at the same time? But seriously, it sounds cool eh? We’ll probably just dismember him and exile his body parts. Cooool.

The enemy tries to dishearten the Iranian nation and the youth so as to impose its will on Iran , he noted. He stated that the noble Iranian nation and the youth are making now strenuous efforts to build up their moral, scientific, psychological and physical capabilities to keep hoisted the banner of Islam.

Blogs of War Translation: So what if they’re really eating Big Macs and even the men are dressing like Christina Aguilera behind closed doors. Again, it sounds good.

Officials should serve the masses and make maximum use of the potential the country to remove the problems facing the public, he noted.

Blogs of War Translation: If we give them money and stuff they may forget this whole revolution business.

The United States is after undermining the Iranian people’s beliefs and disappoint them, he concluded.

Blogs of War Translation: When all else fails blame the U.S.

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